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What is Scratchboard?

Scratchboard refers to both a fine-art medium, and an illustrative technique.

ScratchBoard is a unique art form using a wooden panel coated with a layer of white clay and then sprayed with a layer of black India ink.

A 2-dimensional subtractive art form, it is created using sharp tools to remove or ‘scratch’ through the black India Ink revealing the underlying white clay. The artist uses varying tools, pressure, and techniques, concentrating on lights and darks until the desired effect is achieved and the image seems to ‘appear’ out of a black board.

Artworks may be left black & white, or the exposed clay areas can be colored using a variety of transparent mediums such as watercolor, ink, and fluid acrylics.

Scratchboard has roots going back to the 1800’s when black and while illustrations were created for newspapers and books. Creation of archival, museum grade materials has allowed it to continually evolve to the present day where it is now prominent in design work and fine art.

Most Recent

Feathered Headdress

Western Series

Growing up on a horse ranch also meant growing up on the back of a horse. This gave me so many experiences that have become my fondest memories.

Anytime I see something in the realm of the horse world, it brings me to a place of happiness, peace, and reminiscing.

The artwork I have done in my Western Theme has given me so much satisfaction. I love the textures, the variance of light, and the feeling it gives me to see it come to life.


Much like horses, motorcycles are a part of my soul. My ‘wind therapy’ brings me a sense of fulfillment. It brings peace into my life and opens my creativity.

My artwork with a motorcycle as the subject let’s me bring that fulfillment into my art. I love shiny bits, the mechanical parts, and the personality of the bike.